3-axis manual mill

Lathe (8.5" by 20")

40" x 26" 80w CO2 Laser Cutter

18 x 30" CNC Router (Only for Plastic and Aluminum)

6x 3d printers (Prusa Mini, Prusa MK3, CR-10, Resin Printer) 

14" Bandsaw (wood)

9" Bandsaw (metal)

10" Table saw

MIG/TIG Welder

Various DeWalt Hand Tools (Drill, Impact Driver, Jigsaw, Skill Saw, etc)

Belt/Disc sander

Sheet metal brake (16 gauge max thickness)

Soldering iron, Oscilloscope, assorted electronic components

Hand Tube bender (1/4"-1" OD)

Flaring tools

Spot welder

Bench grinder

Drill Press

Miniature PCB router

If you need anything, just let us know. We'll work with you.