Partners and Sponsors

Mach Industries

Mach Industries was one of our biggest sponsors and helped bring Starforge to life. Mach is one of the hottest new defense companies in the world right now and we're excited to watch them grow and scale!

Aggies Create

Aggies Create is a student organization at Texas A&M that focuses on providing hands-on experience, consulting projects, and a tightly knit series of small teams to execute various projects for both personal and commercial clients. Aggies Create uses Starforge for their hands-on workshop and fabrication needs and has been critical in bringing Starforge to what it is today. Read more about them here:


FLINT, which stands for Freshman Leaders in New Technology, is a brand new FLO (Freshman Leadership Organization) that focuses on giving freshmen hands-on experience and a social support group, including a community project and two yet-to-be-announced projects coming this fall. We're excited to serve as FLINT's workshop and technical support for all their upcoming projects.

We love working with various organizations, whether they are businesses, nonprofits, or student organizations. We serve as a meeting location and workshop for teams and organizations, we provide group discounts for occasional maintenance needs, we host classes and engineering consulting services, we provide fabrication/3d printing services, and more! We're always looking to build relationships with local businesses and organizations and see how we can help.