These are some of the many projects that are being worked on at Starforge


Fireball is a trailer based rocket engine test stand which is primarily used to test rocket engines, feed systems and mostly explosive material. A custom built setup on a highly modified trailer, this was the signature project that raised enough capital to open Starforge. Built by Ismail and Team Pineapple. More information here:

Frobotic Arm

Michael Frost's personal project, which he built to try building faster robotic arms using flexible shafts which allow the motors to stay stationary and make the moving parts much lighter.

Lemon the Train

Lemon is currently our biggest project. Headed up by Ismail, it's a project that started this summer to build a trackless train that can shuttle people around campus and events. Mostly for fun, we'll be hopefully taking it around campus this coming fall.

50cc Bike

Alex Grusin's personal gas-powered bike that he built and rides around campus daily. Version 2 is coming this fall

Fireball Launcher

The Fireball Launcher is exactly what it sounds like. Built by Brae Barnes and featured on his Youtube Channel here.

Hydrogen Generator

Aggies Create team Saratoga, headed by Alex Grusin, built an 18-cell electrolysis hydrogen generator. While it's still in development, they'll be working on version 2 this fall with updated plate designs.